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Time is never time at all

It was 2 years ago today that I stumbled into my first Korean classroom. I was dazed and confused both from the 13 hour flight and the foreign alcohols my new employers exposed me to the night before. I had never taught EFL in a classroom yet within 14 hours of landing in the country there I was.

Well that was all when I was a neophyte. I know a thing or two now. What do I know? I know soju on a school night should be avoided. I know. I know… Hmm maybe ill have to return to this…

My host; WordPress has just informed me that yesterday was my 4 year anniversary of blogging with them. That means I have been out of university over 4 years. I have been away longer than I was there.

You (like I) are probably wondering what the point of this post is it. Apart from the nostalgia and numerical synchronicity that I so enjoy, this post is about time and our lack of it. As Billy Corgan once sung, “time is never time at all”. Its there but its never enough, it moves way too fast.

So what? Do we fold before time and its definitive power? No. We make the most of it. We take the 13 hour flight to a foreign country to do something we’ve never done before because its an opportunity. Its an attempt to make the most of the fleeting time before us. Am I still making the most of that time? I don’t know, I booked a flight to Sapporo, Japan last night.

Ill do my best to continue to strive for new experiences. To make the most of the cascading sands. Its good to have WordPress and its A.I. & automated notifications to remind me that time is precious. As grandpa always said; onward and upward ‘ol buddy.