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Unrequited Benevolence

I have a bike.

I hate that bike.

I walked out of school Monday afternoon to find that my rear tire was flat on my mountain bike. This has become a common theme,  but I was genuinely surprised. Just a few days before, I had replaced both the tire and tube. With places to be and people to see, I headed off on-foot, eventually catching a bus home.

Tuesday morning In a rare weakness, I took the 3 mile taxi ride to work. It was humid and drizzly and I was running extra late. After school, not being committed to any other means of transit, I was obliged to walk my inutile velocipede (dysfunctional bike) home.

The route is characterized by a large hill where the tiers of my school occupy a bit of its southern slope. My apartment is nestled two valleys northwest. The bike ride goes fairly fast, 20 minutes if the stars are aligned (traffic lights rather) or considerably longer (especially if I am late for my Monday morning staff meeting(Murphy’s Law)).  Despite my intimate familiarity with the route, I found the walk to be quite daunting.

Onward and upward. Through vexing mist and husky humidity.

A third of the way up, and my bike came to a dead halt. The faulty tube had come out of the fresh tire and wound itself around the sprocket hub, derailleur and brakes. I cursed my luck as I unwound the greasy, mud-slicked mess.

Halfway up and all I could think was that I wanted to lock myself somewhere cold enough that my weeping pores would never again leak saline tears. I was so preoccupied with my sweaty misfortunes that I hardly noticed the passing-by umbrella toting student. I stopped yet again to bend down and rectify the irksome tube. Upon standing, I found the young doe eyed high school student silently staring at me. In an outstretched arm she held her umbrella towards me. I respectfully declined trying to explain the I was drenched in 85% perspiration and perhaps only 15% precipitation. Unswayed and likely confused she offered to walk me to the next bus stop. As we walked, we chatted a bit, and I learned she went to the all girls school on top of the hill. She was dismayed to learn that I needed to get all the way to Munsu-dong (the area in which my apartment is). As we neared the bus stop she again offered her umbrella. I didn’t have the heart to explain that I really didn’t have a spare hand to hold an umbrella. I declined as respectfully as I could. Nevertheless she seemed quite disheartened as she turned to continue back down the hill.

15 minutes later, I had crested the hilltop was was heading down. Now in addition to my own self pity, I had the guilt of turning down the students generosity. It dawned on me just how benevolent the girl really was being. The simple smell of rain and umbrellas are out. Snow also induces umbrella use. Shoot, even too much sun and Koreans are using their umbrellas.  For the girl to be without hers for the remainder of her 20 minute walk home, would have been a sacrifice indeed.

Yesterday morning, despite a freshly rolling mountain bike, I opted to take my other-less-problematic bike to school. It was the homestretch. I was cruising down the southern slope toward school. In roughly the place where I met the charitable high school student the day prior, I hit a pothole the size of Shanghai. Knowing the back tire was done for, I immediately stopped, got off and walked the remaining 20 minutes to school effectively landing myself in the exact same predicament as the day prior.

Karma for not accepting another generosity or a sign that public transit exists for a reason?

Today I took neither of my freshly patched bikes to school nor did I take a bus. Waking up 6 minutes after my class was supposed to begin, I again undertook the shameful taxi ride to school.

Heres looking toward a less eventful weekend and brighter (hopefully less humid) week ahead.


Woe is me l Part I

Last night I got the definitive news that my external hard drive has passed on. Whether it is in a technological heaven or mechanical hell is hard to say.

Anyway it was the very drive that housed all of my photos and video from the last 9 months. A period of time in which I traveled to 6 countries (as well as a handful of Hawaiian Islands), moved to a new apartment, a new city, made new friends, got a few new tattoos, witnessed countless sunsets (even a few sunrises), saw the Pope, went parasailing and ate more exotically than Tom Hanks in Castaway.

As far as unfortunate life events go, this incident is fairly extraneous. After all I am still a functional human being. I still have my health, my adequate finances, and the comforts of a working life. Despite the securities, I am finding myself quite lost.

This comes after a string of ill luck. It started in May, shortly after my 26th birthday. First I lost my wallet (which included everything in it apart from the kitchen sink – which is fortunate as I use my kitchen sink quite a bit more than I ever used that PADI scuba cert. or Podium Raceway Track Pass). Despite the obvious monetary loss, the inconvenience, as well as nostalgia, it was fairly easy for me to come to terms with the void left in my right cheek pocket; to move on. I felt almost liberated from the bulk.

After the wallet, it was my bicycle. My sole means of transportation. First it broke in half. Then the rear axle snapped. Not to mention the endless flat tires and cashed out brakes.

Following the unreliable transit, came my dysfunctional cat. Up until recently she had been a fairly low cost investment. Well at least in terms of money… That was until she returned home past curfew with an unexplained 3” gash. I considered gluing the wound, but in the end opted to be a responsible caretaker and went for the costly vet visit, resulting in 13 stitches.

They say “trouble comes in threes”. I guess I am headed for an even 6 after my recent technological misfortunes.