Oh The Places You’ll Go…

Back in university I decided on a long-term life-goal:

To have traveled as many countries as I am years old.

Its a bit of a flawed goal I will admit. For one, I would like to see EVERYTHING! That means 196 countries (depending on who is counting). Its unlikely that I will make it to the rip ‘ol age of 196 though…

And what constitutes having ‘seen’ a country. A few hours in Shanghai Pudong International Airport doesn’t count… But does 4 days spent in Shanghai count as having ‘traveled’ China!?


Nevertheless here are a handful of countries where I was able to get out of the airport for a least a few days…13162291_10154111372800320_1029780157_n

Been There Done That. (but not really)

Thus far I am making good on my goal. I recently turned 27, and have been to 29 countries if my count is correct. My home country of America feels like a bit of a cop-out though and many entities (the US included) don’t consider Taiwan as independent from China… So I would say I am right on the mark! Lets see if I can’t bank a few more before this new year is up…


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