Aloha Korea

After searching through old emails and resetting a few passwords, I was able to resurrect my old blog. Its hard to believe it was almost exactly 2 years ago that I first started blogging. What a short run it ended up being! With boarding passes to print, bags to pack and the smell of fresh adventure in the air, I figured it was time to move out of my hiatus and get back to the keys.

So 2 years ago I was living and working in Puerto Rico. Please refer to the “about me” page if you are interested in a brief overview of how I spent my time thereafter. But now is for the future! As the title suggests with its Hawaiian salutation and mention of a famous E Asia peninsula; I am leaving Hawaii (yet again) and making for South Korea. A few weeks ago I signed a 12 month contract with Jinjeop ECC – a private school (Hogwan) located in Namyangju. I will be teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to Kindergartners, elementary and middle schoolers.

I am stoked for this great new opportunity and have heard CHOKE (Pigeon for A LOT) good things regarding teaching in Korea. I have been thinking about packing for at least 2 weeks (although I have not started and tomorrow is my last full day on the island) – a sign that I am truly excited. Really though packing should be a breeze seeing as I in-essence packed for Korea when I left WI 3.5 months ago. PLUS I bought a really cool second bag to be checked. Its a Samsonite  hard-shell with “easy-turn” technology. A true gem for $15 at my favorite Goodwill on the island.

Additional new things apart from premeditated packing: I looked up the Incheon Internation Airport’s interactive map and even looked at google images of ICN’s interior. I have read multiple Korea travel blogs. Acquired photos of my new living space. Talked with at least a dozen international teachers of Korea both past and present. Aaand embarrassingly enough I created a Korea Cupid account profile. Needless to say this is the most prepared I have been for a trip. Ever. Alternately this will have been the most time I have spent aboard. Shoot I cannot wait to get back to E Asia…

Anywho I promised myself that I would tone down the size of my blog posts in lieu of prolonging blog post and reader burnout. Sooo time to pack? Pshhh, who am I kidding!!!


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