Woe is me l Part I

Last night I got the definitive news that my external hard drive has passed on. Whether it is in a technological heaven or mechanical hell is hard to say.

Anyway it was the very drive that housed all of my photos and video from the last 9 months. A period of time in which I traveled to 6 countries (as well as a handful of Hawaiian Islands), moved to a new apartment, a new city, made new friends, got a few new tattoos, witnessed countless sunsets (even a few sunrises), saw the Pope, went parasailing and ate more exotically than Tom Hanks in Castaway.

As far as unfortunate life events go, this incident is fairly extraneous. After all I am still a functional human being. I still have my health, my adequate finances, and the comforts of a working life. Despite the securities, I am finding myself quite lost.

This comes after a string of ill luck. It started in May, shortly after my 26th birthday. First I lost my wallet (which included everything in it apart from the kitchen sink – which is fortunate as I use my kitchen sink quite a bit more than I ever used that PADI scuba cert. or Podium Raceway Track Pass). Despite the obvious monetary loss, the inconvenience, as well as nostalgia, it was fairly easy for me to come to terms with the void left in my right cheek pocket; to move on. I felt almost liberated from the bulk.

After the wallet, it was my bicycle. My sole means of transportation. First it broke in half. Then the rear axle snapped. Not to mention the endless flat tires and cashed out brakes.

Following the unreliable transit, came my dysfunctional cat. Up until recently she had been a fairly low cost investment. Well at least in terms of money… That was until she returned home past curfew with an unexplained 3” gash. I considered gluing the wound, but in the end opted to be a responsible caretaker and went for the costly vet visit, resulting in 13 stitches.

They say “trouble comes in threes”. I guess I am headed for an even 6 after my recent technological misfortunes.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Krista James on July 3, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Hang in there Mark! I love your positive outlook.


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