A year in the Republic of Korea has come and gone unceremoniously. It was only significant in that I am particularly partial to numerical significance (I really like dates – namely anniversaries not to be cutsie but because I like the windows they offer into years past) and that I read my first post on Korea which outlined those first minutes and hours. The latter is interesting because I generally despise reading my own writing. I get self-conscious and critical of myself.

Well it comes without surprise (to me at least) that the blog was something I did not maintain. Honestly it took the last 15 min for me to even figure out how to sign back into my account only to find I have drafts of un-posted – posts. Maybe I will breath some life into those later but at the present I feel the pressure to sum up a year abroad.

What do you say about an entire year of your life, where every mundane task or chance interaction is a fresh intercultural experience? Your probably reading into what I’m alluding to. This past year was great, it was awesome, marvelous, bewildering, spectacular, EPIC. It was terrible. It was the longest working hours of my life, it was the sweatiest (or close to) summer of my life, it was cryptic expectations and confusing girl games. It was a deep persistent cold that lasted for months, the worst hangovers, the inability to ever order exactly what I want.  I came into the year expecting the highest- highs and lowest-lows and I can say Korea delivered (with a little help from an erratic boss).

I wish I had chronicled all my wild or even minor adventures. They came too fast, too frequently and are filled with far too many contextual details for me to ever hope to have documented them though. Of course a picture says a 1000 words but even this 1TB hard-drive next to me cant begin to convey the ajumma spunk, the Korean hospitality, the smell of summer in the hills, the daily sounds of Hueys headed to the DMZ, the brassiness of those cute kids that have been the center of my life for this past year . My biggest regret is not an action of the past but my inability to share with any real meaning, my experience with friends and family in the near future. If it were a lazy Sunday afternoon at the coffee shop, this is where I would segue-way into the importance of travel and its carefully hidden attainability. But as it is, its getting late on a Tuesday evening with a particularly early morning tomorrow in lieu of “100’s Day”. A holiday I know little and less about, nevertheless will be entertaining a gaggle of kindergartners with a factual ppt and unscripted skit (not my forte).

I apologize for all grammatical errors. This kava “stress relief” tea I have taken-to really throws me off my nonexistent game. Well don’t expect me for another 10 months but hey, maybe ill surprise the both of us 😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Barb Baumgartner on June 17, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    I enjoyed reading your summary. Love you! Can’t wait to see you.


  2. Don’t be so critical of your writing – it’s a joy to read! Actually really getting me back in the mood for some cultural Ajumma rage…


    • I appreciate the affirmation Ben! I had intended on taking a page out of your book and doing a post-Korea “reverse-cultureshock” piece but just never got around to it. Im at the point where Korea feels like a distant dream of terror and bliss…


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