monday monday!

Lunes 27 de junio de 2011

It was tough getting up Monday morning after a fun weekend. The rain didn’t help either… We decided over breakfast that none of us really wanted to work in the field + we had some catching up to do on data entry. So we started on that and was on it for no more than a half hour before we were kicked out of the computer lab by the Columbia U posse who had the space reserved for lecture.

With no other choice we headed to the field despite an ominous sky and already wet conditions. Alejandro had run errands in town and met us out there a while later. He confessed that he had just gotten a new machete and jumped on the opportunity to use it when he found a large bamboo in the road. We didn’t think it took that long to run to the post office…  It wasn’t long before it was raining. And then it was lunch time. And then it was raining. I contributed to the lunch time discussion of dead actors due to substance abuse from under a palm frond (my favorite shelter from the rain). Soon we were back at it and after a short break, so was the rain. Liza and I ran into the same uncomfortable predicament. Our rain coats channeled water down our backs – down our shorts and subsequently cold water ran down the backs of our calves. Regardless we pressed on. It was maybe 2pm when the thunder, lightening and intense gusts of wind sent us packing for the station.

We cleaned up with the thrum of the generator in the background – the power had been knocked out. Alternately there was no internet so we could not do any data entry. Shucks! It wasnt hard at all for me to nap. Ed finally woke me to go grocery shopping. Despite being out of food I strongly considered not going. We decided on Walmart, and it felt just like home. Back at the station I made shell pasta with sausage and ground beef enhanced, mushroom and green pepper sauce with a side of green beans and Ed’s baguettes.

The “stream guys” who live just down the road from us had invited anyone that was interested down to their place for a BBQ. I would not have been tempted to go if it wasn’t that iguana was the main item on the menu. Never wanting to pass up something new and exotic, I was rather torn between heading down or getting some much needed rest. I decided I could not commit, but made Rachel promise to bring back part of the large lizard. I still have a skinned iguana leg in the fridge almost a week later…

By chance, I began reading an short mystery novel called Framed in Lace by Monica Ferris. It was not until a few pages in that I realized the plot was set on Lake Minnetonka – southwest of the Twin Cities. Despite the new read, it was a well deserved early bedtime…


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