hump day (you know, like the middle of the week)

Miercoles 22 de junio de 2011 

The work week is flying by! We had another beautiful day in the field which makes me feel a bit guilty. I figure if we are getting spoiled with these beautiful days early on, we will be paying our dues soon enough. Then again that’s pretty silly, this IS a rain forest (actually I recently learned this is not a rain forest bet rather a wet forest… minor detail and really I would say wet forest is an understatement) rain and bad weather is inevitable.

As you may know I am pretty much guaranteed to get poison ivy at least once over the course of a summer. Despite poison ivy’s none-existence here in the jungle, I was not exempt from the effects of that guarantee. As it turns out poison ivy has an evil cousin with the name Comocladia glabra. It looks like a holly leaf and has compound alternating leaves. I have been feuding with a spreading bout on my right hand, and unfortunately  ran into the unfriendly stuff again this afternoon. Hopefully I don’t get any on my face like that time in 6th grade! I am sure by the end of the summer I will be an expert at avoiding the stuff.

As mentioned in previous posts, Weds are host to a speaker series here at the station. This afternoon I opted out for the first time and after tying up loose ends in the office; Rocio, Rachel and I headed towards the big grid (where we work in the forest each day). I am not sure if I mentioned in previous posts, but the trail to the big grid crosses the Sonadora River via a suspended bridge (a ways down river is where I went swimming on Mon). We hiked there and then hiked up river over large boulders – sound familiar yet? We were in search of a deeper swimming hole that Seth had mentioned. Inevitably we found it and boy was it beautiful, quaint and as tropical as it gets. The water was a clear blue and with the afternoon sun cutting through you could clearly see the rocky bottom 4′ down. Up to this point I was under the impression that the rushing mountain rivers only contained a variety of shrimp but upon silent observation I noted a craw fish a bit under 5″ picking at my feet as well as the coolest wild freshwater fish I had ever seen. It was about 2.5″ in length and I rightly  ID’d it as a goby


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  1. Posted by Barbara Baumgartner on June 27, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    No new entries since June 22?


  2. yea, the next two days is up…


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