bungle in the jungle

Lunes 20 de junio de 2011 

Another full slow day in the field due to slippery slopes and large rocks. A glimpse of how my day works: Once at the proper subquadrate of the correct quadrate Alejandro and I busy ourselves with ID’ing and measuring trees after reading the numbers on the tag nailed to the trunk to Liza. We cross check the species (or if your often like me, play a guessing game to determine the species). Then Liza gives us the point to measure. Often times we have to doctor up the tag by re-nailing it adding grafting tap to keep it tied to the trunk in-case the nail falls out. Once this is done with all trees Liza tells us which trees are supposed to be there and where they are. We then play tag recon with the metal detector until all tag #s are accounted for.

After work Rachel Rocio (of the chronosequence group) and I went to the local waterhole which is only an 8 min walk from the field station. I had not been to this one yet but enjoyed climbing the staircase type grooves from the main pool up to a small secluded whirlpool amongst the falls. Once safely back in the main pool and quietly sitting, I enjoyed watching the migration of shrimp as they marched toward my white feet in hopes of finding something worth picking at. Afterwords we loaded up Francis for the first time since our arrival and headed to Ralph’s Grocery in Rio Grande. $30 later I was back and eagerly hovering around Mark’s cooking as he prepared baby clams in butter sauce over pasta. Dang was that good! Before bed I relearned how to play dominoes.

A package slip arrived at the station confirming that my old Razr cell phone was in PR and ready for pickup. I would soon no longer be phone-less (maybe).

Bon Iver’s second album came out today, and from what I have heard free online I really dig it.

Martes 21 de junio de 2011 

Success! I am now writing my post in the same day the events occurred.

This morning I was awoken by distant thunder and heavy rainfall. I was re-awoken by a large thunderclap seemingly right above us. In our 10 minute walking commute to the big grid we had to jump over puddles, ponds and lakes not normally there. The forest was alive with determined water. I noticed many tumbling streams – almost rivers that I had not seen in the past.

We came back for lunch despite a beautiful day in the field… we had to learn how to do data entry. Despite how nice it was being able to make a warm lunch, I wish I was out in the field. Mark was the only one able to keep his eyes open during the 2 hour presentation by Chris. After a cup of hot tea, Jess presented on the big picture concepts of the data that comes out of both our tree censusing and the chronosequencing groups mission (while he leads).

After this presentation I setup my hammock between a post and a tree adjacent to the outside laundry area. There I spent the next two hours reading Ronnie Woods autobiography and snoozing. It was prefect. Rachel made eggplant parmesan and a tasty salad of carrot shavings for our group dinner. Our group meals are getting better and better!

Alejandro went into town to pick up my package containing my phone. He was told they don’t have it and to call back tomorrow… who needs a cell phone anyway.


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