yea i’m new to this

Thanks to a concerned friend I realized that although I outlined my getting here, I never really said why I am here. Just about a month ago, I was selected as one of five volunteer researchers who would be living and working in PR. We are working on a long term project started in 1990 called the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP). Every five years since 1990 a volunteer group like my own spends a year (broken into 3-4 month terms) censusing a 16 hectare chunk of the mountainous El Yunque National Forest (the only tropical rain forest managed by the U.S. Forest System). For you number folks the 16 ha grid measures 320m x 500m and has 400 20 x 20m quadrats. Each quadrat is divided into 16 5 x 5m subquadrats all of which are outlined by white pvc poles stuck in the ground. In each subquadrat of every quadrat we measure, map and identify every tree < 10 cm dbh at 1.3m and every stem < 1 cm at 1.3m. Needless to say the 6 of us (5 volunteers like myself and Alejandro our educated technician) have our work cutout for us. The data that is collected every five years has implications towards forest dynamics and regrowth post natural disaster (hurricanes) as well land-use legacies (farming) and climate change.


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